The Radiotherapy Anaesthetist Room

Our anaesthetic room has been transformed into a bright, vibrant and inviting room. Children sometimes are reluctant to enter anaesthetic rooms as they are anxious about what is about to happen the other side of the doors. The majority of these patients are aged between 1 year and 4 years old. We have used wall stickers to continue the underwater theme from the corridor into the anaesthetic room. Children enjoy finding different creatures and characters throughout the room. The grey pin boards are being replaced with bright, colourful magnetic boards on which the children display their art work and the sticker charts that they have created for their treatment.

Fight for Life have also provided funds to purchase a hurricane bubble tube where children are able to change colours using a wireless controller. We have purchased a variety of sensory toys for children to use just before falling asleep. These toys are visually stimulating and have different textures which encourage children to explore and interact within their environment. This provides great enjoyment and distraction for children and parents during a potentially anxious procedure. We assess and adapt the resources used for each patient as we would not want to over stimulate a child at a time when they are about to have an anaesthetic. We are able to create a relaxing atmosphere with the help of a new iPod/ CD docking system together with a selection of relaxation CD’s purchased. The Hurricane bubble tube has been positioned in the room for children to enjoy as they have their anaesthetic. The column has fan-driven beads that rise and fall creating a bubble effect. The child is able to control the changing colours with a portable and wireless controller. The bubble tube is waterless, meeting health and safety guidelines within the environment whilst still maintaining a calming influence to any room.

A child will sit on their parents lap having a cuddle whilst having their anaesthetic administered. With the money that ‘Fight For Life’ have donated we have purchased a new chair, with greater comfort and support for the parents to sit in whilst their child is anaesthetised. Jesse Metcalfe recently visited the radiotherapy department and enjoyed hearing about the positive changes to the anaesthetic room. He spent time playing with the children and brought them gifts which they thoroughly enjoyed.

With Heartfelt Thanks
From The Play Team and Families in Radiotherapy