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TrueBeam™ a state-of-the-art radiotherapy and radiosurgery system.

The TrueBeam™ system is one of the latest advances in radiotherapy technology from Varian Medical Systems. TrueBeam™ was developed from the ground up to deliver powerful cancer treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Treatments can be performed with precision and speed. In fact, most treatments take just a few minutes a day. As well as allowing for a more comfortable patient experience because of less time on the treatment couch, faster delivery also allows for reduced chances of patient motion during treatment.

TrueBeam™ was designed with many features with the patient experience in mind. With shorter treatment times and quieter operation, TrueBeam™ provides for a more comfortable environment. Enhanced communication technology enables a constant interaction between the patient and the therapist who operates the equipment. Three closed-circuit television systems enable the therapist to monitor the patient at all times. Music can be played during treatment, helping to increase patient comfort.

True Beam™ was originally a £350,000 project for Fight for Life, which we initially undertook in 2011. The engineering innovations mean we are able to treat children very quickly – and to reduce the dose to healthy organs and tissue. We still have a way to go on this project, which is still very much ongoing and current, and our financial commitment on the equipment whilst reducing, is still substantial.

The UCLH said the following in 2014 of our support for Truebeam™:
“The support of fight for Life in funding access to the Truebeam™ Linear Accelerator over the last three and a half years has been enormous. The Radiotherapy department at UCLH has been able to develop new techniques, not only for Paediatric Cancers but also for Lung Cancer. These advances will continue with the installation of the new computerised Truebeam™ couch which will be ready for use by the beginning of November 2014. All of this thanks to FFL. Whilst there is still a small residual amount of money to fund we need to remember just how far we have come with all of the Fight for Life projects and the amazing changes that they have underpinned.”